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Last updated 9:15 PM on 3 December 2017
Sport  PSSA 2017 Review

This past Friday was our final day of PSSA for 2017 and what a way to finish with a win for both our junior and senior softball teams. It has been a fantastic year for sport at St Peters Public School. This was our first year competing in winter PSSA, regular training sessions were held before school, we competed in the first gala day for our zone, two sporting clinics were held at school and a fantastic number of students competed at zone carnivals in 2017.

Personally, I would like to thank each student who got out of bed early for training on Wednesday mornings and furthermore represented our school in sport. I can say that every student has improved their skills in a range of sports and have had a fantastic time been a part of a team. A further thank you to the parents who also got out of bed early to drop their children at training and for allowing students to participate in the great events we took part in this year.

Next year there will be further opportunities for our students in a variety of sports and I look forward to seeing younger students participate in clinics at school and for students entering into stage 2 to represent our school at both gala days and PSSA.

Once more, well done to all students for your achievements this year, I am extremely proud of your commitment and efforts at training and on the sporting field. Mr Park

Spell-a-thon Fundraiser Final REMINDER 

Our Spell a thon fundraiser is now in the process of collecting sponsorship money. Even if we did not receive a sponsorhip form the results of your child's spell a thon will have come home or will come home. All sponsorship money is due by this coming Thursday 7 December. Please support this fundraiser. We are already doing so well and will announce the total at Presentation Day.

Reminder: Presentation Day

Next Thursday 14 December from 9:10am to 11:10am we will be holding our annual Presentation Day. This is a memorable event in the school calendar where we review our year and present awards to students. The emphasis is also on it being an enjoyable experience and each class will be providing a performance as well as items from Helping Hands, our band ensemble and Mandarin.

School Reports

The staff are putting the finishing touches to school reports and they will be sent home this coming Friday 8 December. They will also be emailed and made available on the Parent Portal.

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